*  Hodaya is dedicated to raising social and environmental awareness through online communication and community building.  
The founder of Hodaya, is a community organizer and producer based in Canada. Growing up in a Kibbutz near Jerusalem, she experienced the beauty as well as challenges of a communal life. Like many individuals who are caught in war zones around the world, she witnessed the harsh consequences of the geo-political conflict in the Middle-East. Facing violence on an almost daily basis and losing loved ones to the conflict was not optional: it was a continuous reality. After completing a 2-year compulsory military service and traveling to Inner-Mongolia during her social work studies, she became passionate about conflict resolution, protecting vulnerable communities and preserving natural resources.   
Her radio show "Be the change today" is a resource for connecting listeners with inspirational leaders and organizations focussed on peace work and critical thinking. Her productions with Na Leo TV focus on Indigenous and holistic healing methodologies as ways of inspiring and sustaining communities and our earth.