It is a great pleasure to endorse Elior and her work.  I have found her to have exceptional gifts of insight, commitment, and compassion.  Professional and personal at the same time, she has shown great interest in matters of Indigenous justice and reconciliation.  Her spirituality is a great part of an overall personality that greatly enhances her work ethic and dedication.  

~ Mark MacDonald, Canada's first National Indigenous Anglican Bishop ~

Beyond giving freely of her time by doing necessary physical labor around our therapeutic farm, Elior has managed to create unique platforms in our regenerative farming facility which raise awareness of pressing social issues such as homelessness, addiction, and the lack of appreciation and support of our social trustees: emergency responders, teachers, and social workers.  Elior has created community events at our facility which have brought together University professors, police officers, activists, artists and spiritual leaders to discuss important social issues such as PTSD, discrimination, mental health, stereotypes and social reforms.  The energy which she exudes to assist marginalized groups and her dedication to the protection of our environment are inspiring.  I would recommend her services as a coach and educator to anyone who is serious about creating a sustainable and holistically healthy lifestyle either individually or for our communities as a whole.

~ Julia Warren, BSW, Case manager, Woodwynn Farms ~

Elior is a catalyst in the making. She holds a more global perspective/worldview than most people due to her early life in Israel, her travels to Canada and her interest in First Nations issues. Her upbringing, levels of general interest in the way people think and feel about ideology, the world in general and the impact of the individual in the world, equips her well to pursue service around the world. She is open to approaches to problem-solving both for the individual as well as for the collective and for the earth/humanity symbiosis. I have witnessed her interest in the self-development of others as well as her efforts to assist others to take responsibility for themselves. I have witnessed her encouraging others to become the best that they can be. We need many on that path to counter the energy of “service to self” that currently dominates our planet. 

~ Debbra Greig MSW, BSW, BA (psychology) RCSW, RCC, CEO Hannah Clinical Social Work Services ~

Elior is a knowledgeable and dedicated student who would be a great asset to any human service organization. She strives to maintain current knowledge of holistic health practices and is motivated to use her talents and passion to build community capacity and help individuals be empowered to enhance their own well-being. I strongly recommend Elior for a position to support others in need or at-risk as she has a caring and approachable disposition, is eager to learn and use feedback, and demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills.

~ Kristen Ross, Program Leader - Mental Health & Addictions, Camosun College ~

Elior has a diverse, global background. She is multilingual and not only adjusted to a new culture but has spent a considerable amount of her time volunteering with different organizations. She successfully works independently and in collaboration with others, a quality that can prove to be a vital asset in any academic or work-related field of endeavor. As much as Elior can already bring to an intellectual and work-related environment, she will always continue to develop her skills and abilities, as she is committed to giving her best.

~ Alex Ipe, 
Ph.D, Instructor, Sociology, Department of Arts & Science, Camosun College ~